Ben Marcus, Ph.D.

Ben received his Ph.D. in Neurobiology at the University of Chicago in 2016, where he studied the role of learning and memory in drug addiction. He loves sharing science with everyone he meets and demonstrating that science is in everything we do, even when we don’t notice it. Ben is a public relations specialist a CG Life, and also runs a global directory of science communication and outreach organizations called SciReach. When not promoting biotechnology at work, Ben is showing that science is within and around all of us through the Illinois Science Council Blog.

dana simmons illinois science council blog editorDana Simmons

Dana is a Ph.D. Candidate in Neurobiology at the University of Chicago, where she researches Autism Spectrum Disorder and its connection to the cerebellum.  Dana’s research goal is to investigate how this neural circuitry develops and functions differently in autistic vs. non-autistic brains. Dana runs the Illinois Science Council Blog because she wants to show that science is part of everyone’s life. Besides being a scientist and editor of the ISC blog, Dana is also an award-winning science artist. She creates art out of the neurons she examines under the microscope. You can see her work on her website.