Wednesday, May 9, 2018       7:00pm – 9:00pm
Bar Louie, 335 N Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60654


The Adler Planetarium at a bar? A skydome experience on your own phone?  YES!  Bring your cell phone to Bar Louie, we’ll hand you virtual reality goggles to fit over them, and you can “join” Dr. Daniel P. Schrag “live” as he discusses the future of planet Earth from the Adler Planetarium!

Claudio Cambon
Photograph by Claudio Cambon

ISC is partnering with the Adler Planetarium to present a Virtual Reality “Domecast” of their Kavli Fulldome Lecture, entitled “Our Planetary Experiment.”

Each guest will receive a Google Cardboard VR viewer and “join” with others at the Adler as we view a virtual reality simulcast/domecast of the talk. Get yourself food and drink from Bar Louie’s extensive menu, download the YouTube App and the Google Cardboard app on your phone, then sit back and enjoy the show. Dr. Schrag’s talk will begin at 7:30pm. In addition to the Q&A with the speaker, we will have astronomers from Northwestern University on hand to answer questions.

“Our Planetary Experiment”

The increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide due to burning coal, oil, and gas represents an unprecedented experiment on the planet Earth. We don’t know exactly how the experiment will unfold, but the history of Earth and its neighboring planets provide hints of what’s to come: Over the next few decades, Earth’s atmosphere will return to a state not seen for millions of years.

The geologic record raises many questions that climate science has yet to answer, and these surprises may expose our greatest vulnerabilities. Taken together, the evidence suggests that the coming century will test the human species like never before, challenging our ingenuity and capacity for innovation as we strive to fend off a global catastrophe.

Join Dr. Daniel P. Schrag as he discusses this planetary experiment and how the future of our planet may unfold.

More on Dr. Schrag here.

The evening talk at the Adler Planetarium is sold out. The same lecture is at noon at the Adler in the Grainger Sky Theater. Tickets for that are $17 and available here.

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