You’ve clearly dedicated yourself, and lots and lots of days, nights and weekends to researching something you think is pretty interesting and important.  If it’s that important, shouldn’t others know about it as well?!  There’s a lot out there about the low level of science understanding among the general public in America.  So if you would like to see that level of understanding go up, you can’t leave responsibility solely in the hands of overworked teachers.  Mostly because 80-90% of the public is well past school days and won’t be reached by a classroom teacher.  So, you and your colleagues need to take advantage of the many, many opportunities available to share your understanding and appreciation of STEM subjects with the world outside your institution.

Even the smartest person in the room could use a few extra resources.  If that person is you, the last thing you want is more work.  So we’re here to help. We will add to this section resources we discover to help you, the professional scientist do public outreach with tremendous ease.  Hopefully, this can make you even more awesome than you already are!

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