COVID-19: Redefining Lung Disease

If you’ve been diagnosed with a rare disease or a condition your doctor is unfamiliar with, the idea that scientists are working night and day to help you isn’t always a comfort when you’re lying in a hospital bed. Biomedical research takes a lot of time and money, all the while thousands of patients and their families sit and hope. The unprecedented and rapidly evolving COVID-19 crisis has stressed this country’s medical system nearly to its breaking point, but medicine has reached the point where nothing is truly unfamiliar. Coronaviruses have been studied for decades, and how respiratory viruses damage our lungs is a field of study unto itself. It’s only a matter of applying the tools we already have to develop new treatments and vaccines to combat this new virus. 

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Discover COVID Treatments with Your Own Computer

The World Community Grid is an effort to create the world’s largest public computing grid to tackle scientific research projects that benefit humanity. Juan Hindo leads IBM’s World Community Grid team, and she sat down with us to talk about this incredible project. Join us for Ms. Hindo’s talk on October 21st and read our interview with her below:

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Here’s Why Everyone’s Afraid of GMOs

This year has served as a new inflection point in the challenge of gaining broad public acceptance of science. We’re seeing Americans resist guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading expert on infectious disease. But the truth is, this kind of apprehension did not start with COVID-19. Well before anyone had heard of the virus, there was already a growing fear and distrust surrounding the guidance of scientific experts. According to a 2019 poll of 2,000 American adults, for example, 45% reported that they doubt vaccine safety, despite the lack of scientific evidence to support that feeling.

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Why We Shouldn’t Rush Science for COVID-19

COVID-19 is ravaging the world and upending our economy. While politicians scramble to find solutions and everyday people fear for their lives, everyone, whether they know it or not, is looking to one group for answers: the scientific community.

We’re seeing an unprecedented effort among scientists to solve this crisis. They’re working as fast as they can to produce more accurate tests, effective treatments, and a reliable vaccine. But as their accelerated pace has led to some incredible progress, it has also exposed the public to additional risk. 

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