ISC Pi Day Run 2018: Another Great One for the Books!

Illinois Science Council’s 6th annual Pi Day run was an all-around success!  Over 300 science-loving and science-curious Chicagoans, young and old, participated in the 3.14 mile run/walk at one of three sponsoring Fleet Feet locations—Oak Park, and the Old Town and Lincoln Square neighborhoods in Chicago.  Many runners could be seen sporting their official Pi Day run t-shirts. Continue reading “ISC Pi Day Run 2018: Another Great One for the Books!”

Music: A Legal and Healthy Performance Enhancer

Normal earbud headphones fall out of my ears with just a gentle nudge, as I am too lazy to buy specialty sports earbuds. I don’t want headphones that cover my ears, though, because, despite the science that tells me otherwise, covering my ears with anything warms me up considerably, almost as much as wearing an extra layer. As someone who sweats just thinking about the sun, I opt to keep my ears well ventilated. Continue reading “Music: A Legal and Healthy Performance Enhancer”