Organ Transplantation: How to Find Your Organs’ Doppelgangers

You just stopped by the DMV to renew your license, and you see that you can sign up to be an organ donor. You are hesitant. You have questions. You have concerns. For instance, you may have heard from a neighbor that the process is unfair, and celebrities get priority when it comes to receiving organ transplants. Is this true? You may wonder many things about how the organ donor and transplant process works. In this article, we’ll explore the science behind it. Let’s see if this insight will convince you to sign up to be an organ donor! 

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The Discovery of Vaccines: Then and Now

In the doctor’s office, a little toddler smiles joyfully as the doctor releases the plunger and withdraws the syringe from his arm. This was the first of a series of shots that he was scheduled to receive as part of his vaccination regimen. The doctor applies a bandage to the toddler’s arm, adds the vaccination to his records, and asks the family if they had any questions before leaving for the day.  

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Why You’re Not Dead Yet – A Crash Course on Fighting the Flu

You’re sitting at home, watching TV, and then, suddenly, you feel it. Did your throat always feel so dry? Was your nose that stuffed up this morning? Then, you realize it. You heard someone cough near you on the train yesterday morning, and now, you’re one of the 60 million Americans each year who’ve caught the flu

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Immunity: How Vaccines Keep You Healthy

“It’s just like riding a bike!”

We usually say this when we’re trying out a task or a skill that we may have learned long ago, and have not used for a while, but can still execute like no time has passed. Think back for a moment to that time when you were learning this persistent skill. What exactly did you need to learn that stuck with you all this time? Your brain and muscles learned how to stay balanced, how to pedal and how to steer, and how to do all of those things at once. It was a pretty complicated task to learn. Continue reading “Immunity: How Vaccines Keep You Healthy”