Here, in no particular order, are some blog ideas we’ve been throwing around. If you’re looking for science writing opportunities and you want to take on one of these topics, let’s talk!

  • Things we can do to reduce our carbon footprints
  • Invasive species in Illinois
  • What is carbon sequestration?
  • Have we reached the limit on how tall we can build buildings?
  • What are all of those chemicals in shampoo, skin creams, and cosmetics that commercials claim are so helpful?
  • What is immunotherapy?
  • Why do Chicago’s roads become riddled with potholes every winter? Is there a solution?
  • The psychological and mental benefits of exercise
  • How is climate change affecting our health and/or economy?
  • The history of the American eugenics movement
  • How AR-15s work
  • The psychology behind science denialism
  • The latest technology in agriculture
  • “Supercharged” water and whether it as any grounding in scientific fact

Themes we’re interested in:

  • Can you explain your scientific research in a way everyone can understand?
  • Celebrating accomplished women, minority, and LGBT scientists
  • The importance of basic research