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Why Science? Because Science is Everywhere.

Why do vaccines work? What’s going on with the weird weather? How do they get beer to taste so damn good?

Science is about answering the questions that matter. Asking the right questions and getting the answers makes us more informed as consumers, as citizens, and as people living on this planet.

At Illinois Science Council, we believe that knowing things, from answers for day-to-day questions to knowing how the universe will end, makes a difference. And the best part? It’s also a lot of fun.

It’s not STEM for kids.. It’s science for grown-ups. Be part of our community.

Why Science? Find out more.

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Meet Man’s Best Friend… and Hero

Meet Man’s Best Friend… and Hero

Coming face to face with our best friends There’s just that something behind your canine companion’s eyes, but you can’t tell what. Dogs seem to know us well, but how well do we know the pooch perched at the foot of the bed? Canine cognition is still an emerging...

Can Green Supplement Powders Boost Immunity?

Can Green Supplement Powders Boost Immunity?

In recent years, green supplements have become remarkably popular in the health-and-wellness world. Green supplements are fruits and vegetables that have been dried and compacted into powder form. Otherwise known as “superfoods”, these powders are widely believed to...

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