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Whether you have a Ph.D. in nuclear physics or you can barely remember your high school science classes, your support opens doors for our community.

Young scientists working in a lab and outside.
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Share Your Time, Talents, and Connections for Science

You do not need a science background, although it’s great if you have one. We are looking for individuals with all skill sets, but we are especially in need of members with the following talents:

  • WordPress/web design
  • Video production
  • Database management
  • Marketing/Social Media/PR
  • Google marketing (AdWords)
  • Google Analytics
  • Fundraising campaign development

Three Ways to Join The Illinois Science Council

The ISC’s Associates Board is a group of fun and science-curious people who want to get involved in ISC and help grow the organization and its mission.

General Member

Responsibilities include:

  • Spread the word about ISC to your social and professional networks
  • Join a Committee(s)
  • Attend bi-monthly meetings
  • Commit to do committee work every month, in between meetings, as directed by chairs
  • Make a 1-year commitment and $120 contribution to ISC. (monthly and single payment options available)
  • Help promote and execute our 3 major events: Pi Day Fun Run, Chicago Science Fest, Science Cocktail Party
  • Include your membership role on the “Associates Board ” on your CV, resume, professional network, etc.
  • Complete a Membership Renewal form each year to maintain active status

Committee Chair

Responsibilities include:

  • Chair a Committee (co-Chairs are welcome)
  • Attend monthly Executive Committee meetings (non-AB months)
  • Determine responsibilities, tasks, and priorities for their committee(s) while overseeing and managing committee members
  • Maintain timely correspondence with all your committee members and fellow Exec Committee chairs

To become a member of the Executive Board, you must:

  • Meet all commitments and obligations of Active Membership
  • Be nominated by a member of the Executive Committee


Are you not ready or able to commit your time to the ISC, but still want to be of service to the organization? Then become an ambassador! For a yearly donation of $350, you can help ISC continue to advance our mission.

Perks/benefits include:

  • Two complimentary tickets to Science Cocktail Party
  • Various discounts for our events
  • Advance purchasing access for ticketed events
  • That warm feeling you get when supporting an amazing non-profit!
Two scientists working with equipment at sea.

Don’t Have the Time? Donate Today.

We know you’re busy. but you can still help. We’re an independent 501c3 nonprofit, and all donations go to bringing science to the community.

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