Why Science?

Because science is in everything we do. See and experience how science is part of your life.

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Science Isn’t Just for Students

STEM is in every school. It’s part of every curriculum. It guides education. But once you’re out of school? Well, for most adults, we sometimes catch documentaries or see something cool on social media. But science stops seeming like part of our life.

That’s not true, though. Science is everywhere around us. It’s part of every meal, every job, every life — and adults should embrace it, enjoy it, and be engaged with it in our world.

Science can help guide better decisions and make us better citizens of Chicago and the planet. And it can be fun.

That’s our mission. To remember that science isn’t just in the classroom — it’s everywhere.

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Why Science? Because Science is Everywhere

Enjoying and appreciating science makes all aspects of our life better. And adults? Well, adults are the ones buying, voting, and creating communities. We need to understand how to make the best decisions.

Because you buy things

What is true about product claims?What is sustainable to buy? How do I understand what’s good for me? A knowledge of science helps you understand those questions.

Because you make decisions

How you vote, where you live, the vacations you take, the way you get to work — these are all decisions that can be informed by knowing more about the world.

Because you’re part of a community

Your decisions impact others, and the influence you have impacts the community. Science doesn’t make up your mind, but makes choices clearer.

Because you care about Chicago

You want a world-class city that celebrates science along with the arts, . Even if you’re not a scientist, you can help make Chicago, and all of Illinois, known for encouraging knowledge.

Because you like to have fun

Knowing stuff is fun. Curiosity is fun. Learning is fun. Figuring out how things work — and sharing it with friends? That’s even more fun.

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Help Us Promote Science in Chicago

As a small non-profit, ISC depends on volunteers to guide the organization and bring our creative events to life. We’re not looking for scientists. We’re looking for citizens who are curious about the world and who care.

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