Breathalyze This! Science of Drug & Alcohol Testing

Axion Analytical Labs 14 N. Peoria St, #100, Chicago, IL 60608

llinois Science Council is offering a fascinating program where you’ll learn the Science Behind Drug & Alcohol Testing. Join ISC with the amazing people at Axion Analytical Labs. These are the experts who can actually tell you WHAT’S IN THAT BAG OF WHITE POWDER, and whether those CSI people could really get the answers they claim.

  • You’ve heard of alcohol proof, but how do they KNOW how much is in something? Do you trust it?
  • What about ‘near beer’ — Is it really alcohol-free? (Spoiler… it’s NOT!)
  • Maybe you’ve seen Breathalyzers on TV. How can they work? Are they reliable??
  • Which beverage will really get you going — an energy drink or an espresso? How do they KNOW how much caffeine is in those drinks?

You’ll learn the amazing technology behind how a vast array of products are tested for alcohol content and for contaminants or purity. You will get to test familiar products for the most widely used psychotropic drug in America.

Register now so you’ll be able to amaze your friends with your insider information about alcohol. For instance, if someone’s on the wagon, which delicious breakfast food should they avoid?

Space is very limited. No science prerequisite is necessary, only your curiosityThanks to our partner Axion Analytical Labs!

Breathalyze This! The Science of Alcohol & Drug Testing is part of the 2019 Chicago Science Fest! See details on all events, and the speaker lineup at the Science Expo on Saturday, May 18th at  A big thank you to all our Science Fest sponsors!!All 2019 Fest Sponsor Logos 5-2-19


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