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A valuable program for those in the science community from our friends at Chicago Women in STEM Initiative:

How Predatory Debt Keeps Women Out of STEM

with Tina Tang and Corei Flowers

Date: Thursday, May 26th

Time: 5:00-6:30 PM CDT

Tentative Schedule:

5:00-5:10 PM : Welcome and Introduction

5:10-6:00 PM: Student Debt Seminar

6:00-6:30 PM: Q&A Session

Registration HERE

This event will feature speakers from Debtless, an organization that aids in student loan debt recovery. The discussion will focus on how predatory student loans affect women and how this results in hurdles for women getting involved in STEM and academia. Solutions and tips will also be discussed.

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Chicago Women in STEM Initiative


Our initiative remains committed to discussing topics of interest to women in STEM, including topics that are not often discussed. Hence, our monthly mentorship program, STEM Circuits, will continue virtually this spring on May 26th, 2022 with a discussion about student loans. This discussion will focus on student loan basics, such as the way that student loan debt disproportionately affects women, the hurdles that this poses, and some proposed solutions to the problem of student loan debt. This seminar will be led by our speakers Tina Tang and Corei Flowers. Our event will begin with a discussion on the basics of student loan debt and how it disproportionately affects women. Following will be a discussion on how loan debt presents itself as a hurdle for women in STEM and academia and how the pandemic loan freezes have helped. Finally, there will be an introduction to Debtless, an organization focused on aiding those with student loan debt. This will be followed by a discussion with the audience and moderated Q & A.