Wild Things in the City — Science of Urban Wildlife with Seth Magle, PhD

D.I.R.T.T. Environmental Solutions, 325 N. Wells St., 10th floor, Chicago, IL 60654
We are not alone! City dwellers are surrounded by wildlife, both common and rare.
Come learn about Chicago’s (non-human) wildlife!

We tend to be well aware of the people around us in our big city (cute person on train, annoying driver, gaggle of tourists, etc.) but there are MANY other individuals around us all the time of the non-human type ranging from small — squirrels, rats, rabbits — to large — coyotes, raptors. We give them little attention until we have a close-up encounter in person or with our property. (Or they don’t belong here, like alligators or mountain lions!)

Keeping track of all that wildlife and understanding its behavior is important to our — and their — well-being. Fortunately, Seth Magle, PhD, an animal researcher at the Lincoln Park Zoo and his colleagues are studying these animals. Come learn about the amazing research being done on a wide variety of animals across several cities in addition to our own that can guide our interactions with them and lead to peaceful coexistence.

This is an exciting opportunity to learn about the Urban Wildlife Information Network and amazing things about urban wildlife behavior and ecology. As urban areas continue to grow around the world, understanding biodiversity is critical not just for city planners, but for all residents of urban areas.

There will be plenty of time for Q&A with the speaker so reserve your spot now!

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