Writing Topic Ideas For Future Blog Posts

Topics We’d Love You To Write About

Ultimately, we want to generate content that appeals both to the people of Illinois and to a wider audience that doesn’t necessarily grow up with a strong science education. If you’re looking for science writing opportunities and you want to take on one of these topics we’d love to hear from you.

Here are some blog ideas we’ve been throwing around lately:

  • The biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions and what we can do to mitigate them
  • Invasive species in Illinois
  • How do pearls grow?
  • The engineering, geology, and physics of building supertall skyscrapers
  • Particle physics to astrophysics and everything in between
  • What are all of those chemicals in shampoo, skin creams, and cosmetics that advertisements claim are so helpful?
  • Why do Chicago’s roads become riddled with potholes every winter? Is there a solution?
  • The mechanics of how AR-15s work
  • How is technology used in agriculture?
  • “Supercharged” water and whether it has any grounding in scientific fact
  • Is organic/non-GMO/gluten-free food actually healthier?
  • The next mission to the Moon and beyond


If none of these topics inspire you, that’s okay. There are also some broader themes we seek to cover on a regular basis:

  • Can you explain your scientific research in a way non-scientists can understand? (e.g., conservation genetics)
  • Celebrating accomplished women, minority, and LGBT scientists (e.g., Alice Hamilton)
  • The surprising history of major scientific discoveries (e.g., antidepressants)
  • The relationship between science and art (e.g. Perspective of a Chicago Art Institute professor)
  • Odd episodes from scientific history and the impact they have today (e.g LSD and the elephant)
  • The importance of basic research (e.g., the Lunar Laser Ranging experiment)
  • The science of everyday things (e.g., deep dish pizza)


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