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2018 was an exciting year for the Illinois Science Council blog. We shifted from publishing articles whenever we had time to bringing you fresh content every Monday (and even some other days sprinkled in between!) We published over 60 blogs from over 25 writers, ranging from graduate students in science to professional science communicators. We were able to share our passion for science with over 16,000 readers on topics ranging from why we have blood, to what makes cut diamonds so sparkly, to how and why we can control our dreams. Given our success over the past year, we decided that our blog finally deserves a name.

When we were trying to think of a name that reflects our mission at the ISC, we thought about how we, as an organization, have always aimed to show you that science is everywhere we look, even if we can’t see it. Often, science is right there in front of us, but we cannot tell because its too small, too big, or too complicated to understand. The goal of the Illinois Science Council’s blog is to uncover the science that has been there all along, in a way that everyone can comprehend. For instance, you may have thought the grill marks on your steak just look nice, but did you know they actually make steak taste better? Also, you’re probably familiar with the idea that we have microbes in our intestines, but did you know the whole community in there works together to keep you healthy? 

As we continue to unwrap the science in our natural world through our blog, “unsealing” the science that’s right in front of us and making it accessible, we decided to give our blog the name “Science Unsealed.”

We hope Science Unsealed will continue to be a place where you can learn about the science of the world around you in fun and engaging way.

We are looking forward to your continued readership in 2019! If you want to write a blog or two for us, please contact us here. And if you are not already, click here to get on our blog mailing list so you can get our blogs, once a month, right in your inbox!

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