On Sunday, Feb. 28, the Illinois Science Council (ISC) participated in the 4th Annual Chicago Volunteer Expo held at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Lincoln Park.

The Expo helps connect people with the right volunteer opportunities for them by hosting over 85 exhibitors in the Chicagoland area to share the mission of their nonprofit organization and its volunteers. ISC relies on its volunteers to staff events, contribute content to its website and social media platforms, and get the word out about exciting, upcoming programs. If you met us at the Expo or are exploring our website for volunteer opportunities, you can join the ISC mailing list here and learn more about our Associates Board here.

ISC at the 2016 Volunteer Expo

ISC Director Monica Metzler with ISC Member Peg Tierney (right) at the 2016 Chicago Volunteer Expo

We invite and welcome volunteers with science experience ranging from hardly remembering your last science course through PhD-world.  The ISC’s main goal for volunteers is to inspire curiosity and enthusiasm for science. Contact us and get involved!


Katie Jones is a science writer at Argonne National Laboratory. Follow Katie on Twitter @Kelyce_writer.


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Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024

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Two women representing the Illinois Science Council at an event.

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